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COVID-19 Response: Urban Church Relief Grants

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Foundation for a Life of Faith

Foundation for a Life of Faith

Thank you for your prayers for the start of the new year. My heart's desire is that our little group learns to love one another. I also desire that each child grow in their understanding of their uniqueness in Christ, and that this revolutionizes how they approach life, even as a nine-year old! One of my classroom rules is “Do YOUR Best.” I want them to strive to become all that they can be. This honors our Lord. 

As you know, World Impact is all about developing and resourcing urban leaders. This works its way out differently in our varied ministries. At Los Angeles Christian School (LACS), we want our students to maximize their potential by working hard and trusting in the Lord with all their hearts. We also partner with various entities to bring opportunities to our students. 

One of my favorite aspects about LACS is that we spend personal time with our students and their families. This past summer I invited Gabi* (one of my fourth graders from last year) and her family to my home in Pasadena. They were so excited to see my house and meet Ms. Bolcom’s four doggies! As we drove into Pasadena, the mom mentioned that Gabi dreams about the possibility of attending Maranatha Christian High School, a seeming impossibility for this modest family. I made a detour and headed directly to this property. 

We found it to be so beautiful and serene, with large amounts of greenery and beautiful statues and fountains. The children were amazed, especially Gabi. Just before we left this campus, we stood in a circle, held hands, and prayed to the God of all possibilities that He would gift Gabi with an education at Maranatha. 

Just three years ago, LACS began a partnership with Maranatha, such that our students could go there, fully sponsored. Of course they must prove themselves eligible. Gabi is bright and works very hard. Her mom tells her to pray, pray, pray! She is learning that in life we don’t just look to our own resources. God can make a way! This is the foundation for a life of faith. Please pray along with me that my students are motivated to give school their best, so that God can give them His best! 

*Name changed for privacy.

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