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Friday Lunch

Friday Lunch

This is my tenth year of teaching fourth grade at LACS (Los Angeles Christian School), and I am continually amazed at how each new school year brings unique blessings and challenges. I have 14 students in my current class. This is a strong class academically. Many are reading one grade level above the norm for their age, and several are even higher. These students are eager learners, and excited about the subject matter at hand. This, of course, is ideal for any teacher.

But, of course, fourth grade can also bring drama. Several weeks into the school year, I learned that the girls were not getting along well. One of our new fourth grade girls was pushed during recess. Well, it was determined that we would meet over lunch to discuss some of these issues. One of my girls was so excited, she exclaimed, “Oh Ms. Bolcom, my older sister told me all about fourth grade Girls Club!” I had to smile.

The first Friday turned into every Friday lunch, when we discuss whatever is on their little minds and hearts. This precipitated the boys saying that they too should have a club. I hung back from that idea, but problems amongst the boys surfaced, and it seemed it might be helpful. So it’s girls lunch on one Friday, then boys lunch the next Friday.

Teachers at LACS must deal with the academic, psychological and spiritual dimensions of our students. It’s a good thing I have a wise and kind heavenly Father who promises to give me the wisdom I need if I ask for it! He provides through His Spirit in me, as well as giving me gifts, that include my wonderful student teacher. For this, I give Him thanks! Thank you for joining in this effort to disciple young followers of Christ, whom we challenge to live life excellently!

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