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From Prisoner to Church Planter

From Prisoner to Church Planter

Dear Friends,

Humberto, in prison for 12 years, saw that his life was a complete mess and was losing hope. One day his emptiness turned to peace as he found God’s Word. He decided to surrender his life to Jesus Christ.  

With his newfound salvation, he heard about World Impact’s Church-Based Seminary training through Prison Fellowship who was using our Capstone Curriculum.  

Over several years he completed 15 of the 16 courses and then was released. Now on the outside and desiring to finish his certificate, he found Pastor Galindo who himself was a Church-Based Seminary graduate in Los Angeles. Pastor Galindo, who had founded a reentry home called Hallelujah House, had also set up a Church-Based Seminary through his ministry. Humberto connected with Pastor Galindo and was able to finish his last course for graduation.  

He is currently a truck driver, and in two months he will be sent to El Salvador and Honduras on a mission trip through his church. Upon return to the U.S., he is expected to be commissioned to plant a church in Mexico.  

Humberto’s vision is to establish a Church-Based Seminary site through the church plant and take the training into Mexico’s prison system. This training has equipped Humberto and thousands of others to be grounded in biblical theology and have the confidence to be leaders. 

Humberto’s story clearly demonstrates our purpose of taking “...what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men [and women], who will be able to teach others also.” 2 Timothy 2:2.  

I hope you realize how important you are as supporters of our ministry. Without you, there would be no World Impact and no men and women like Humberto who have been redeemed and equipped for the Great Commission work to make disciples of all the nations. 

How thankful we are for you!

Bob and Linda Stevenson

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April 7, 2022 | Bruce Chunn

I too served 12 1/2 years and started over in a different state. Been an uphill battle within the system, but God has guided me and supported me the whole way. With the support of my TUMI team and prayers, I’ve reached the point when I too am able to help other build for His Kingdom.

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