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Fueled by Prayer

Fueled by Prayer

I recently returned from a 17-day TUMI trip to Africa. Michael Bankston, a friend and professional photographer, traveled with me. Our time was spent in Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania. In the years to come it is estimated that 40% of all global believers will live in sub-Saharan Africa. The challenge with the population growth and rapid expansion of the Church is providing biblical training for the leaders.

In Uganda we partnered with International Bible Conferences. Jeff Anderson, the president, taught nearly one thousand pastors how to preach through the Bible, verse by verse. He was eager to share TUMI with the pastors as a means to train the leaders in years to come. Their eagerness was overwhelming! I shared Fight the Good Fight of Faith in several sessions. We gave all the copies we had brought by suitcase. Some of the pastors did not have a hard copy of the Bible, only having one on their phone. This book was a treasured gift. Many asked if TUMI could come to their village or town.

Our time in Nairobi, Kenya, was spent with our TUMI partners, where I spoke at a first graduation of one of the sites. Twenty-four students in cap and gown followed a marching band down the streets, finally gathering under tents for the graduation. Three hundred family members, pastors, and other leaders witnessed this significant event.

One of the students was a seminary graduate with a Ph.D. degree, who wanted to go through TUMI as a student to be prepared to take to other networks of pastors. His own contacts stretched across Kenya with hundreds of pastors waiting for TUMI in their city or village. He challenged all the pastors gathered to go through TUMI themselves and be part of this movement of training leaders.

We concluded our trip in Tanzania with Bishop Charles Sekelwa who is a TUMI Site Coordinator and an Evangel Dean. Bishop Charles oversees the Charismatic Episcopal Church movement in multiple countries. In his home city of Mwanza he established the TUMI seminary. He sends out trained leaders to the unreached villages and islands of Lake Victoria. Often these communities are filled with witchcraft. We visited many pastors, some with churches that could not afford a roof, yet each one said their vision was to plant more churches.

Over and over again we heard that the rapid growth of the Gospel was fueled by prayer. We stopped by a seven-day prayer gathering of hundreds. Other churches were concluding 21 days of fasting and prayer before Christmas. The Gospel is moving even as the population is exploding across these countries. We have the opportunity to partner with these great leaders in providing the training that is so needed for the stability and well being of this move of God.

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February 13, 2019 | Myron Kliewer

Great to hear how God is moving around the world.  Keep up the good work.  Who would ever believe what God has done in these short years since HHS in Hillsboro, It’s simple obedience and love for God’s truth day by day.  Then one day you look back and say, God has worked wonders, GREAT & MIGHTY IS OUR GOD.
All is well here in Thailand, Mary & I are healthy and going for another 10 years.  I still go out on the bike before work for 20 miles three times a week.
Health has been a real gift for Mary & I.  We love our work & our God is faithful.
Warm Regards,

October 19, 2020 | Oriangi George

I am glad hearing and reading what God is doing through you in East Africa. May the Almighty God bless you so much. What you saw and had in Tanzania about some Pastors not able to afford a roof of a church or even a roof of their own houses is just a tip of an ice burg.  I come from Uganda, a lecturer at Gulu University and a general secretary of Huduma ya tumayini ministries Ltd. (Mission of Hope Ministries Ltd). Similarly in Uganda, we push forward opening churches though in some local churches, we also do struggle affording roofs and walls of places of worship in addition to helping the vulnerable such as widows, helping some children with school fees, supporting evangelism and missions etc. All the best and May the Almighty God continue granting you good health.

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