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My wife and I were expecting our third son and as the day drew nearer, our main vehicle to haul around our family bit the dust. It was quite unexpected and so we began to pray earnestly that God would provide. We put out word of our situation to our supporters not knowing what kind of response we would get. It did not take us long to be blown away by their support. 

One donor in particular who we didn’t even know personally gave us a significant gift that really allowed us to put enough money down in finding the vehicle that fit our family well. New vehicles don’t come cheap these days and yet a newer, low mileage vehicle is like gold to us as missionaries who are used to driving older, high mileage vehicles that can tend to break down a lot. Due to the generosity of this donor, we were able to get the vehicle in time for our family vacation as well as the baby’s arrival. This touched our heart deeply as we thought about the sacrifice that this family made so that we could drive a dependable vehicle and one that we think looks pretty nice as well! God again provided for us in a supernatural way that blessed us and encouraged our hearts in profound ways.

July is our month of gratitude! As a thank you to our supporters, please check out our 30-day devotional City Prayers.

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