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God Changed My Heart

God Changed My Heart

God started tugging at me a long time ago and I didn’t even notice; the change has been a process. I used to go to church and think, “This is a waste of my time.” I kept seeing all kinds of egos, vanity, people showing off, or seeking a higher position. These attitudes made me so tired. I did not realize that God was looking for me and trying to fill me up with His precious and merciful love. I was paying attention to all the trappings and not looking to Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior.

Four years ago I met Pastor Cuco, who works for World Impact. My husband and I began going to his church which has a Church-Based Seminary site (TUMI). I began taking classes, because I just wanted to learn more about the Lord. God kept tugging at me and changing me. I used to judge a lot, especially those who knew more about the Bible. I couldn’t understand why they were saying one thing and doing something different. But now I pray for them, and for myself asking God for forgiveness every day. 

I have been taking the TUMI classes and I tell others about the class! But I know this is not for everybody. I am so thankful to God, our precious Lord, for giving my husband and me these opportunities to learn about the love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through TUMI.  

I keep learning and trying my best to obey the Lord. He has given me some melodies for the verses I have memorized. I plan on recording them for my mom, family, and even for myself and my son so we can keep listening, memorizing, meditating.  

I am growing and learning, and the Lord keeps tugging me toward Him! 


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