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Harris June Prayer Letter

Harris June Prayer Letter

Dear friends and family,

As I sit down to write this prayer letter, I am honestly in disbelief that our first official year of ministry as Teen Center directors is coming to an end in just a couple weeks. Since we follow the school calendar schedule, our weekly programming is coming to end next week as students finish up their own classes. Right now feels a little crazy as we wrap everything up for the year: reviews with our fourteen volunteers; end-of-year celebrations for each Teen Center ministry; and graduations fill our calendar, all while trying to plan and get ready for the summer season. Yet in the midst of it all, the Spirit keeps gently reminding me to slow down and remember the amazing year we’ve had as well.

This year we saw our volunteers grow to become the strongest we’ve seen in years, with the possibility of two current volunteers coming on to join our staff next month (which would be a huge blessing to the ministry and our family, as Erron is the only full-time employee at the Teen Center!). We watched our Kaleo youth group grow from 4-10 consistent students last year to 20-30 this year. Our CORE leadership program had a successful first year, with nine students finishing their leadership positions next week, which included an incredible peer-to-peer mentoring program with our middle school students that we piloted this spring. Relationships with our students at Kaleo and Kickbacks—many of whom do not have a faith background—are going deeper, with nine students accepting Christ as Lord and Savior this year at Winter Camp. And so far it looks like we will finish this fiscal year in good standing, stewarding our grants and donations well for the advancement of God’s Kingdom this past year. We are so, so grateful for God’s grace over us and the ministry this past year, to say the least!

Looking at the calendar, we have many things to look forward to this summer. Our family will take a week to rest and recover at World Impact’s beach house this month. We will be taking students on our annual missions trip (June 24-29), to Indiana for a leadership program through Taylor University called Empower (July 8-22), then to summer camp at The Oaks (July 22-27). The guys will be heading to a Manhood Camp in August, and at some point in mid-August, we will be welcoming another baby girl into our family (due date is August 14 at this point!). Needless to say, we would love your prayers over our family this summer as we jump into an exciting but FULL couple months of ministry.

Beyond grateful for your partnership with us over the years!

Erron & Lorraina (and Emma too)


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