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Heart Language

Heart Language

July is our month of gratitude!

We live in a country full of beautiful and diverse cultures—many with their own language. As ministers of the gospel, we seek to create resources that speak to people’s heart language. We all have a heart language, the first language we learned as children the language in which we tell jokes, dream dreams, express joy and love. It’s the language that feels most “at home” in us. While some of us have learned a second language because of necessity, nothing can replace our heart language, especially when it comes to studying God’s Word.

We are so grateful to donors and churches who have given financially that we might be able to translate our Women’s Urban Leadership Retreat resources into Spanish. It is the heart language spoken by many of those we serve in urban communities. This year, the Women’s Urban Leadership Retreats created a resource entitled FIERCE: Women of the Word. This resource included a 40 day in-the-Word challenge with 40 daily devotionals. This book has been a great encouragement to many women. A woman in Dallas discovered this resource in her friend’s car and asked to borrow it. She fell in love with it and wanted her friends to read it too. Every day, she texts them pictures of the devotional so they can all follow along and challenge each other.

This resource would not be possible without our generous donors and supporting churches! In fact, for the last 3 years, a wonderful church in Iowa has been funding the translation costs of our retreat book. This year, they said they would give us whatever they had left in their mission’s budget for the year. Our translation cost was $1,305.84. Their donation was exactly $1,305! God knew exactly what we needed and he used this church to bless us.

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