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Herrera June Prayer Letter

Herrera June Prayer Letter

To my beloved prayer warriors,

Truly, God transforms lives and The Urban Ministry Institute (TUMI) is an incredible tool. I was able to witness this firsthand and want to share with you the great blessing I experienced a few weeks ago on my most recent visit to Mexico. I was there to visit the TUMI satellites and their extensions. We also participated in a fellowship of pastors from all over the country of Mexico. The first great blessing was that we were told the new president of Mexico supports with open arms the evangelical church. He also encourages the pastors to dedicate time in teaching Bible classes to young people who for various reasons have left school and are looking for a job. It is exciting because not every president wants the youth to learn from the Lord.

Secondly, while in Mexico I met Albert Naín, a young man with a very strong testimony that was extradited to Mexico about six months ago after serving 27 years in prison in the city of Los Angeles, California. He shared with me the way in which the Lord directed him to study our program of TUMI in prison. This study favored him and helped to reduce his sentence. He had been sentenced to 50 years in prison, but after studying for more than two years, the authorities reevaluated his case, and they saw that an extraordinary change had taken place in him. It was for this reason that God helped him out of prison in the middle of his sentence. He studied nine modules while in prison, and then he was extradited to Mexico to the city of Guadalajara, which is where I met him. He continues to study in the church Center of Faith el Tapatío module 10. A true blessing from God is that he now has the spirit and desire to prepare to be a pastor. When I was introduced to him and after having had several talks for more than six days, I realized how transformed and regretful he feels now that he looks at things in a different way. He yearns to forget everything that happened in his drug addiction gang life. Now a new man wants to finish TUMI and serve God in Mexico. We agreed to continue communicating by email, so I can work with him as his mentor. This was a great blessing! Glory to God for Alberto!

God Bless,

Juan Pablo and Sol Herrera


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