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Hope in Persecution

Hope in Persecution

We recently hosted Bishop Abraham Daniel and his wife, Sarah, and son, Bill, for a week of training for a growing partnership in Pakistan. Bishop Abraham is the leader of Gospel Mission Pakistan. This ministry began under the leadership of his father in the mid-1970s. Today there are ten churches with another twenty house churches. They have two elementary schools, a ministry within the prison system, and many relief programs as they share the Gospel with those in Pakistan. 

Last year Bishop Abraham and Sarah came to Wichita, KS, for the initial training of our five programs. This training continues as Bishop Abraham prepares for significant advancement across the country.  

The pastors and churches they serve face hardship and persecution, but with your help we are able to provide them with training and resources like Trauma Healing. The question is often asked, “How would a loving God allow us to go through this?” Our Trauma Healing program will give materials to help deal with the crises so often faced by the churches Bishop Abraham and Sarah lead. 

Bishop Abraham’s vision is not only to use the materials with his work but to make them available to train other Christian leaders who represent the five hundred million people that speak Urdu. We hope in the coming years to launch a translation effort to make these materials more available for these ministries that stretch across Pakistan and the surrounding countries. 

We are excited to see how the Lord uses Abraham and Sarah to reach His people in Pakistan. Would you join with us in prayer for this effort and for the Lord’s hand of grace over Abraham, Sarah, and their growing ministry?

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