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How to Cope

How to Cope

The churches and leaders we work with have had to become very creative and have worked tirelessly to continue advancing the mission and serve their communities in the middle of this pandemic. Many extra hours have been logged. Like many of us throughout the world, we have seen and been part of getting food and supplies to those who most need it, training people on how to use technology, providing jobs whenever possible, lots of phone calls and texts to encourage and connect, and implementing new trainings online. 

We know it is tough everywhere, but some of the extra challenges of being poor and working in areas of poverty have been amplified during this season. Some have realized they are essential workers and must leave their children to figure out online school on their own as they go off to work. Many more have lost jobs. We work closely with pastors and leaders whose predominant urban ministry is in the jails, others who work with people paroled and battling addictions, others whose church is predominantly made up of homeless individuals. Pastors have been challenged with how to counsel families from a distance with increased tension and even abuse in the home.

What has been the most difficult part of this situation for you? What is helping you cope with this situation? What is hindering you from coping with this situation? 

In early May, I launched a Trauma Healing Group online to help address some of these issues and train other leaders on ways that they can lead more people through the Biblical process of healing through past and present traumas. The questions above just begin to scratch the surface at talking through deep hurts, trauma, or abuse that people carry. We are just about finished with our current healing group, but as one of World Impact’s five programs we will continue to train and empower others to lead these groups so that we might see more people healthy not only in body, but in mind, soul, and spirit too. 

Thank you for your ongoing prayers and financial support as we work towards empowering and partnering with the urban poor towards the goal of a healthy church for every community of poverty.

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