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Incarceration to Incorporation

Incarceration to Incorporation

At World Impact, we believe that many of the men and women who will lead the urban church are currently incarcerated. World Impact partners with reentry homes, local churches and mentors to move these leaders toward success and incorporation into a caring body of believers through our ministry initiative, Incarceration to Incorporation (I2I).

On any given day in America, there are 2.3 million adults in lock up. 95% of those inmates will be released and face unique challenges that make it difficult for them to be successful on the outside. Some of those who re-enter society have come to know Christ while they were incarcerated. The best way for these men and women to be successful and not go back to prison is to connect with a mentor and a home church.

When an inmate comes to know Christ and receives a vision for ministry, what are they to do? They are not able to go to a local church to be discipled and trained. That is why we partner with like-minded organizations, like Prison Fellowship, to provide mentors and educational opportunities through TUMI as well as spiritual discipleship. When men and women are paired with a mentor, they are more likely to succeed on the outside, reducing recidivism by 29%.

A safe place to live is just as important as mentorship. As we develop and partner with transitional training homes, we are attending to the entire reentry process. By creating and partnering with homes that focus on continued mentoring, emotional and spiritual support—along with TUMI training—men and women re-entering society will be much more likely to stay out of jail in these safe and supportive environments.

It is imperative for Christian ex-offenders to have a place to worship, fellowship and serve. We come alongside men and women re-entering society to pair them with a home church that is conducive to good decision-making. The local church plays a key role in mentoring, encouraging and incorporating the ex-offender into their congregation. Through full incorporation, these men and women will be equipped and empowered to lead their churches and communities for Christ.


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