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Ingersoll December Prayer Letter

Ingersoll December Prayer Letter

Dear Praying Partners,

I was introduced to Sueneanya nearly 30 years ago on her first day of Kindergarten at Newark Christian School (NCS), when she stood on a piano bench in front of the whole school and recited in a chirpy voice:

I am the Black Child
All the world waits my coming
All the world watches with interest
to see what I shall become. . .

In that moment, this bright vivacious child became dear to my heart. I loved teaching her and watching her grow until she graduated from NCS, but lost touch in later years. Imagine my surprise when I taught at NCS last year and discovered Sueneanya’s daughter Sarah was in First Grade. It has been a joy to teach the “second generation.”

I asked Sue how what she remembered about NCS and how she brought her daughter here. “The main thing I remember was the family atmosphere. I still have a relationship with many of my classmates. And I remember the songs we sang – the musicals we did. After I graduated and went to middle school, I was so far ahead of the other students. I knew everything because of what I learned at this school.

“Sarah was in a public school, getting bullied and not learning. The teacher was yelling at her, putting her down. Sarah would try to run out of the school when I dropped her off. So I thought, ‘Let me send her to NCS.’ Now it is completely different. Sarah likes going to school and she has so much confidence. She has a better relationship with God; she talks about her love for God and prays. She understands right from wrong.”

Please pray that God will work in Sueneanya’s life and that she will find a good church home. Pray that God will give her wisdom and strength as a mom, since she has three other children and works nights.

During this Christmas season, we want you to know how grateful we are for your support and prayers, which God has used not only in our lives but in the lives of people like Sueneanya and Sarah. May you know the joy of Jesus! The world awaited His coming, to see His redemption on earth!

In the wonderful name of Immanuel,

David, Carol, Joshua, Stephen, and Rebekah Ingersoll


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