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Investing in Others

Investing in Others

The wind was chilly, the sky was overcast, and the nearly 100 Spanish-speaking men gathered at the cross early this fall to celebrate communion. Together with more than 10 pastors of different congregations and men from Liberal, Dallas, Oklahoma, Garden City and much more. Out of the crowd came Victor with arms stretched out wide... "My son said to give you a big hug! You must have made quite an impression on him this summer!"

Victor's son had served as a counselor-in-training this past summer for our first week of urban children's camps. What a joy to see his willingness to give back to his community by investing in elementary-age children from neighborhoods in Topeka! Victor is a church planter, teaches courses from The Urban Ministry Institute in prison, and faithfully shares the gospel in a variety of situations. As Christine and I continue to provide this place at Morning Star Ranch, we are so encouraged at all the ways the Lord is working, empowering urban leaders like Victor, and his son, to reach into so many areas!

Now to see how that continues to grow and expand as Victor brought men from Topeka to the men's retreat, investing in others who will extend that impact, so encouraging to see how this place is making a difference in the lives of so many! They had a glorious weekend full of the word of God, praise and worship and fellowship. The Kingdom of God is advancing in the city through men like Victor and his son! Thanks for praying for what God is doing here. Declaring that we are stronger together!

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