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It’s the Little Things

It’s the Little Things

A gift or a donation doesn’t have to be big to make a big impact. For the past three years, our donors have purchased small items for our World Impact Women’s Retreat in Wichita, Kansas, through our Amazon wish list. Items such as lip balm, pens, packages of Kleenex and chocolates are included in the welcome bag we gift each women attendee.

These welcome bags remind each woman how loved she is. For many of the women, the retreat is the one time out of the year when they can experience a peaceful getaway and be served. The first thing they receive upon checking in at the retreat is their welcome bag. One of the goals of our weekend retreats is to ensure that each woman feel loved and accepted. When this happens, it allows the women to be open to the things God has in store for them during the retreat.

The bags mean so much to the women, that if we have a few extra, they ask to take one home to a friend or a sister. In fact, the women pass along the generosity they receive. At our retreats, we have a “camp store” where we sell retreat merchandise (t-shirts, retreat books, mugs) for a small fee. Many of the women purchase retreat books and t-shirts for the friends and family back home. Your generosity begets more generosity.

Because of your thoughtful giving, we have blessed hundreds of women over the past three years. Thank you for helping make the “little things” a big thing.

July is our month of gratitude! As a thank you to our supporters, please check out our 30-day devotional City Prayers Volume 2.

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1 Comment

July 21, 2020 | Romona Ward

I am so happy that the donation I give has been such a blessing to your girls.

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