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King October Prayer Letter

King October Prayer Letter

Dear Friends and Family,  

We had a few things that we were praying for us we transitioned to Indianapolis, new friends, and church to call home! We found a great church just a few miles from our house that we all enjoy and we are finding ways to connect and serve there. Kathryn is quickly building friendships with some of the people there and connecting with other moms in our area. We are slowly finding a support system here that we can rely on when life happens! 

Rosalie loves our new house and is exploring everything with a lot of enthusiasm! She is now running and talking constantly and loves to get in our way when we are cooking meals. Her favorite things to do are singing songs, dancing, reading books, and pulling around her little red wagon. Mason and Sammy have started attending their new school and they are loving it so far. They are both making friends quickly, and Sammy is very excited about lunch and recess! They both enjoy coming home and playing with their sister before spending alone time to recharge after a long day. Mason is reading as much as he can and likes to read at night after Sammy has gone to sleep. Sammy is busy catching bugs, butterflies, and enjoying nature as much as possible. 

It has been amazing to see how God works during transition, change, and uncertainty. We have had the opportunity to connect with some amazing leaders who are impacting the city with the gospel. One such leader planted a church just 6 months ago and is ministering to African students, immigrants, and refugees throughout the city. He is fearless for the gospel and is discipling and training ten new leaders in his church. We are partnering with him to provide training classes and support for the church. 

Another leader we are working with has planted over ten churches ministering to the Hispanic population in his city. Only 1% of Spanish speakers in his city attend a local evangelical church, and he is passionate to reach those people with the gospel. We are working with him to host a church plant school for four new church plants and train several existing church plants on how to grow in their health. 

It was a privilege to recently help coach and train four teams of pastors who are helping to train and resource other church planters in their cities. The teams served very different areas ranging from California, Arizona, Kenya, and Ghana! These four teams have a vision to see over two hundred church planters trained to reach their communities with the gospel! 

Thanks for praying for us as we serve here in Indianapolis! 

The Kings Jordan, Kathryn, Mason, Sammy, and Rosalie


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