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Leaders for the Kingdom

Leaders for the Kingdom

July is our month of gratitude!

Ministry with inmates is unpredictable. You must make the most of every opportunity, because you don’t know if you will see the inmate again. Also, in most cases, you do not know what impact you may have had on an inmate’s life. That’s why I was thrilled to get Dana’s letter this past spring. With his permission, I am sharing a portion of it here, along with the picture he sent of his family:

I don’t know if you remember my name, but I was in your Bible studies on Wednesdays (filling my Bible with notes). I just wanted to thank you so much for the time and effort you take to go to Men’s Central Jail and bring the word of God to men like me that truly need it.

I want you to know how appreciated you are and how much of an effect you had on my life, my faith and my personal relationship with God, which grew by leaps and bounds thanks to you and Chaplin Steve, you guys truly changed my life.

My original release date was April 22, but as you can see from the date on my letter, I’m already home now. And this is my testimony: I prayed and asked God to let me wake up Easter morning with my family, ready for church. By God’s grace I was released in time to celebrate not only Jesus’ resurrection but the resurrection of my family!

We have found a new church home and are truly blessed! Thank you so much!

Your support allows us to connect with men and women in jails and prisons. We show them the love of Christ and empower them to be leaders for the Kingdom both on the inside and outside!

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