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Life Hurts, Love Heals

Life Hurts, Love Heals

Dear Friends,

A recent text I received from a young woman who has been part of trauma healing read, “Is there a prayer to take away sins and bring back innocence?” This precious woman was raised Muslim and is seeking answers which led her to us. The abuse she suffered is horrific and what led her to seek out Trauma Healing. We continue to exchange texts and ask that you would pray that she would understand that what she seeks is a personal relationship with Jesus.

Our neighbor Ramy* is facing serious jail time for a murder many believe he was framed for by a gang family he had joined. Manuel continues to spend time with family and we have written letters to encourage him and to remind him that no matter what God is there. He is very discouraged and doesn’t see the point of going to Bible studies right now. Pray that there will be others who are following Jesus that he would come to know in jail and see the hope that Christ can bring no matter how dark things are. Pray for Manuel as he shares with his brothers that they would want to know the Lord.

We had the opportunity to share with youth leaders from local churches at one teen retreat about Bible based Trauma Healing. This is another program offered through the Trauma Healing Institute called, Life Hurts, Love Heals. We are looking forward to sharing at another teen retreat March 18-20th. It is our prayer that we could launch this program and train youth leaders this summer on how to direct their own trauma healing groups for teens.

Recent statistics show that 73% of teens have felt the need to reach out for help due to an increase of anxiety, depression and suicide during COVID. Only 40% asked for help. When they did ask for help 26% of the time it was from their local church. Our prayer is that Jesus and his church could be centered as place of help in the middle of this mental health crisis and that many teens would come to find that He is their Savior and their refuge and hope and that the body of Christ is a place of understanding and compassion.

We are grateful for your prayers and partnership that carry us daily as we seek to know Him and make Him known. If you or your church are interested in trauma healing groups, give us a holler we’d love to partner with you in this unique mission field.

With Love,

Manuel, Kim, Ian and Sophia

*Name changed for privacy.


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