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Introducing Cornerstone Curriculum!

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Love for the City

Love for the City

We met Keith and Rosalyn last year, and after bonding over a mutual love for Mexican food, we realized that we also had a mutual love of ministry in the city. Keith and Rosalyn lead a church plant in South St. Louis and are passionate about discipling in their community. When they heard about The Urban Ministry Institute (TUMI), they immediately started the process to become an official TUMI satellite, which they named Pursue College! They are now in their second module (out of the 16 Capstone modules).

In addition to being skilled disciplers in St. Louis, Keith and Rosalyn also have an exciting ministry in Congo and Rwanda. They are part of evangelism movements where tens of thousands of people are coming to Jesus and equipped for discipleship. They have a network of over 100 pastors who desire more training and Rosalyn and Keith feel called to bring Pursue College, and the TUMI training, to them.

However, in order to do that, the entire TUMI Capstone Curriculum must be translated into French! Rosalyn and Keith are full of faith and are spearheading the translation project. We are partnering with them in the process and praying for God to open the doors financially and logistically to bring this training to pastors who need it!

In February Andrew went with Keith and Rosalyn to the first World Impact Evangel Gathering, an event that hosted men and women who are part of church planting movements around the world. It was a great time of encouragement and challenge and they were able to connect with other people who are part of movements in various countries in Africa. It is amazing to see how God is connecting His church all over the world, and we get to be a tiny part of it from right here in St. Louis! There is also a possibility that Andrew will be joining them on a trip to Congo and Rwanda later this year to help with some of the training.

Thank you for praying with and for us! It means so much to us. One simple way you can join us through prayer is to set your alarm for 3:14 AM or PM (314 represents St. Louis’ area code) and spend a quick moment praying for St. Louis.

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