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Marshall August Prayer Letter

Marshall August Prayer Letter

Dear Friend, 

Summer camp at The Oaks continues to be a huge blessing to our students at Los Angeles Christian School! Camp looked very different this year but that did not phase our students one bit. 

Going into a new way of doing things is not an easy feat and yet we have come to have more and more students willing to go with the flow. This year we changed from having 3 different weeks of camp for our students to one 3 day camp for all of our students from 2nd to 8th grade. 

We ended up having a limited number of spaces and over 60 students who wanted to join us. One student named Frankie* really wanted to go but was a little late getting his deposit turned in on time. He and his siblings, who graduated from LACS several years ago, have never missed a year at camp. I really wanted him to go but was not sure it would be possible to fit him in, so he went on the wait list with a few others. 

As the school year came to an end, we continued to collect money, gather forms and put together the plan for camp. The last week of school I was able to find a way to fit Frankie in. What a joy it was to tell him. I had already talked with his mom, so when he came down to the office for a different reason, I pulled him aside. He fought back tears when I told him and he was visibly excited as if he won the lottery. 

Gratitude was abundant that day and I thank God that he allowed me to extend His gift to Frankie, whom I have no doubt will be a kind, peaceful and needed presence in his cabin. 

Thank you for your continued love, support and prayers for our school. We have seen God meet us in abundant ways this year. I pray that even today you would know how loved and cared for you are by the One who is able. 

Much love to you! 


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*Name changed for privacy.


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