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Mercy Triumphs Over Judgment: An Interview with Justin Chung

Mercy Triumphs Over Judgment: An Interview with Justin Chung

When Justin was 17, he was tried as an adult for a gang-related shooting and was given 82 years to life. “I cried out to God and said, ‘This is not who I want to be. I repented, and God met me.’” Justin embraced the gospel and started meeting with other Christians, which opened the door for him to start taking classes through The Urban Ministry Institute. We met up with him at the Testimony Ministry Reunion, where he was kind enough to sit down with us for an interview and tell us his story.  Watch the full interview here: 

We believe that many church and ministry leaders are currently incarcerated, waiting to be empowered with resources and training. Click here to donate your support.  


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