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Ms. Ida

Ms. Ida

In the month of April, my wife Becky and I took a trip to Kansas to visit friends. One main thing that stood out about this trip was that Ms. Ida accompanied us on the trip. Over ninety percent of Ms. Ida’s 70 years of life have been spent in Dallas, TX. Throughout her life she has moved multiple times all over the Dallas area and finally settled on the street behind our home over 20 years ago.

When we arrived here in Dallas in 2011, and I started going on my community prayer walks, I would pass by her home where there were always people on the porch. I would stop and offer prayer. I would also share the Gospel with the group and Ms. Ida would always be there for prayer. I brought Becky to meet her and we invited her to join us in Church. One Sunday she came to church with us and has been coming ever since. She has become one of Becky’s close friends and helps her get around Dallas without getting lost, she calls Ms. Ida her “human GPS.” They spend a lot of time together.

As we took Ms. Ida on our trip to Kansas, one of her highlights was going to a family farm of a Wichita staff member, Mr. Andy. She got on a four wheeler for the first time and was introduced to cattle close up. Ms. Ida doesn’t smile very often but to see the peace and her smile finally coming out was truly a blessing. For seven days she was able to rest from the everyday worries and cares of her home life.

One of Becky’s and my highlights of having Ms. Ida with us was when we spoke to the Hillsboro M. B. Church Sunday School classes. Watching her share her personal testimony for the first time and with a very large group of individuals she had never met, it was quite a sight to see this shy lady be confident in sharing. She did an amazing job. In every way Ms. Ida was outside of her cultural and comfort zone. She seemed to love it as the church members embraced and loved on her. We are very proud to know her and be called her friends.

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