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Open Doors

Open Doors

We’ve been back to school for about a month now. It’s so good to be back with my students and starting another school year. Thank you for praying for my new sixth graders. We are off to a great start together!

Being back in school means getting back to old routines and schedules. Even though the start of a new school year is typically the same, there have been some changes this year and so much for which to be thankful. God has continued to provide for us this year at Los Angeles Christian School (LACS). This past year we had five teacher openings, and I am thrilled to say that we filled every one of them! God is faithful and He has brought us exactly who we needed. Please pray for each of our new teachers. Pray that they would have endurance and acclimate to a new community well.

Also I wanted to update you about, Kevin*, the boy we had to expel last year. Even though he was no longer our student, he went to camp with our school this summer. It was so fun to see him again and reconnect. I love that our school desires a deeper relationship with our students and cares for them even after leaving our school. That student made some poor choices, but he’s still able to receive love and community from our school. Our LACS group at camp this summer.

After that week, Kevin told me that going to camp, “changed his perspective about education.” He is now in eighth grade and our door has always been open to him coming back. Kevin has since expressed interest in coming back to our school and wanted to make those necessary changes. Please pray as we continue to discuss Kevin coming back and what is best for our students and school.

Thank you for loving me well and your continued support! I am so thankful for you, whom without, I couldn’t be a part of this ministry.

*name changed for privacy

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