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Open Opportunities

Open Opportunities

It is with great joy that we are writing to share with you all the new opportunities our Lord is opening for us to continue serving our Hispanic community. 

One morning during my personal meditation, I felt spiritually empty as if I was not fulfilling my calling in the ministry. I asked God to open opportunities for me to continue teaching and preaching His Word. He did not make me wait long. The same week I received an invitation from CCC, a church in Wichita, Kansas. I was asked if I could deliver two lectures on Saturday and preach on Sunday for the leaders of the Hispanic church, Casa de Luz, which had lost their pastor. It was a very blessed weekend for Sol and me and the congregation. We loved the time we spent with many church members who invited us into their homes and treated us as part of their family. We also were very blessed with the generosity of CCC, the mother church. Praise God! 

As we are writing this letter Sol and I are preparing to go to a church in New Orleans this weekend. After our trip to Kansas, I was contacted by the pastor of the Hispanic church to whom I had introduced The Urban Ministry Institute (TUMI). He invited us to a couples’ retreat. He also asked us to prepare to share with the group during two conferences and to preach on Sunday. These are just some of the answers of our amazing Lord! Now I can’t complain that I have nothing to do! 

At the beginning of next month I have a trip to Colombia with two sponsors from a church in Wichita, Kansas, to continue establishing the TUMI Sites we started last year. There are about 30 students that are very excited and highly anticipating our visit and TUMI materials for the continuation of their studies. Please keep us in your prayers: For health and protection during our trip, safe travel, and for Sol’s health.

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