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Persevering Prayer

Persevering Prayer

Thank you so much for all your prayers and generous support! I hope you realize how important you are in seeing the Lord work here in Newark!

We started up our King’s Kids Bible Club in September. What a joy to see the Lord bring out 36 kids that first Saturday! About ten of the kids are new to the program. King's Kids is a ministry of a World Impact church plant in our building called Community Transformation Church (CTC). JR, a young man from CTC, has joined our team as someone who relates well to kids. He runs the games in the gym and is also now teaching the older boys the Bible lesson, which means I teach only the older girls. Since the kids in our two groups are ages 11–13, it has proven a true blessing to have the boys and girls separated during the lesson time.

Last year we had had a total of 13 kids make commitments to Christ, so one goal this year is to see them become more grounded in the Lord and His Word. The Lord has already drawn two more kids to Jesus since September, for which we thank Him! Please pray for the Lord to work in the hearts of the kids a hunger and desire for His Word and the willingness to apply what they learn to their daily lives.

In August I wrote about José, (pictured second from right), who had initially been very angry, then gradually softened and finally made a commitment to Christ in June. He had been asking for prayer to see his dad whom he had not seen since he was a baby. The first Saturday we had King's Kids in September, José’s prayer request was that he would be able to see his dad again.

We were thrilled to learn that God had answered this cry of his heart and had enabled him to see his dad several times in the summer. It was such a lesson for all of the kids of the importance of persevering prayer! Praise God for this wonderful answer to prayer and pray that José will have many opportunities to be with his dad and develop that father/son relationship!

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