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COVID-19 Response: Urban Church Relief Grants

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Prison Ministry Resources

Check out our prison ministry resources below.

Fight the Good Fight of Faith is a discipleship resource used in many contexts, from small groups who want to dive deeper into the Scriptures, working one-on-one with inmates on the inside, to developing returning citizens.

This practical resource is specially designed to help new and growing Christians become effective disciples of Christ, and is built entirely on the Story of God as told in the Scriptures. Following the thematic outline of Ephesians, these nine lessons lay out the key elements in how we fulfill our role in God’s Story. This resource serves as our official precursor to TUMI’s Capstone Curriculum seminary training, providing a solid introduction to the Bible’s major themes as well as the foundational principles of Christian discipleship.


The Onesimus Workshop is named after the runaway slave in the book of Philemon who became a disciple of Paul’s while in prison. The workshop is designed to equip local churches, ministries, and organizations to productively incorporate returning citizens into their communities. Together we can create space for returning citizens to use their giftings for the Kingdom.


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