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Producing Leaders

Producing Leaders

Formal cap and gown graduations punctuate the honor and respect we have for each of our leaders. We believe God is raising up some of the best leaders, for the Church and the Great Commission, from our cities and prisons. Recently, we conducted two of The Urban Ministry Institute’s (TUMI) graduations in Tijuana and San Diego.   

I have shared about the Ramirez Family in the past but want to share more. Ignacio was saved from drug abuse and cult involvement and brought into the Kingdom of the Son God loves, Jesus. He started going to a church that offered TUMI in Tijuana, and soon he and his whole family enrolled in class. Four years later, they have all graduated and are praying about God’s next steps for them as a family. Micaela, the mom, learned how to read and write through taking TUMI classes. Can you feel their joy through the picture as they toss their caps?

Martin started TUMI on the inside where he served as a leader for the church. His hope and prayer were that someday he would be released to serve the church on the outside. About a year ago, that dream came true. He is now a TUMI graduate and part of a World Impact chartered church plant team called, Pillar of Fire. He is leading this team with fellow former lifer Danny Gonzales and his wife Pamela, who graduated with Martin.

It is always a joy and honor for me to conduct graduations each year, but it isn’t the ceremony that is important. It’s the leaders being produced for Kingdom advancement, church planting, and Great Commission work in the city!

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August 16, 2018 | Kim Byrd

Hi Rich,  The work of the TUMI program is so encouraging.  My hope is that Covenant Church will one day be the site of TUMI classes.

The church is making a big push toward SD Refugee Tutoring right now as the new school year begins.

It’s my hope that this work will create a desire to help the refugee community more fully — that is where I believe TUMI could then be embraced !

Thank you for your work !

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