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Raise the Bar of Discipleship

Raise the Bar of Discipleship

In the past three months, I have joined a house church called, Faith Fighters. It has been a joy, combined with some challenges in getting to know the wonderful folks that are part of this community. We have been thinking through our vision and values. We want to keep the gatherings simple and to raise the bar of discipleship. Our basic D.N.A. is as follows: Divine Presence and Truth, Nurturing Relationships and Apostolic mission (reach the unsaved). 

We come together to eat a meal and fellowship on Thursday evenings. We have averaged 20-25 adults. Some simple changes to the format of our gatherings have given us the opportunity to see the various gifts of our brothers and sisters in the Lord, to testify of what Jesus is doing in our lives, to share, and to minister to each other. Instead of having our chairs in rows, we make a circle; instead of preaching, we are seeking to do more teaching and sharing. It has been beautiful to see. 

Recently, Brandee, our women’s ministry leader, taught a lesson from Luke 7 about the “sinful” woman who washed Jesus’ feet with her tears and dried them with her hair. We were all deeply challenged by her great example. Jesse unpretentiously shared that he had given into the temptation to drink alcohol. In his shame, the enemy was telling him not to come to the gathering. He came anyway, and humbly confessed his sin. Several people gathered around him, loving him and assuring him of God’s love. Then they prayed for him. This was a “God moment” and I rejoiced because this is how house church should work—broken people ministering to other broken people with the grace and love of God that they have experienced. A young woman, from a nearby ministry shelter courageously asked for prayer through her tears. She confessed that she is a drug addict and needs Jesus to help her. Wow! Thank you, Jesus, for your compassionate work in the lives of hurting souls. We have had 15-20 children join us for our worship times. One little girl touched my heart when after one of the worship songs she shouted out, “I love worshiping Jesus!” 

Cynthia, grieving her sister’s recent death, shared that her family was short of money for food. The following week three people brought items for her. I was blown away by this spontaneous generosity. One of the men that brought food responded beautifully, “That’s what family does!” We also praise God for a supporting church that gave $750 to that family to pay for the cremation. 

Your prayers and financial gifts help empower us to serve this humble community of believers. THANK YOU! Pray for and rejoice with me for Jesse, who now has over 30 days sober.

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