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Raughley August Prayer Letter

Raughley August Prayer Letter

Dear Friends and Family, 

A couple months ago World Impact crossed the threshold of finishing 49 years of urban ministry and starting the 50th year of ministry. Through the years countless children have come to our Bible clubs and schools. Numerous teens made commitments at our camps and grew in discipleship and leadership. Prisoners have become pastors and new church plants have sprung up in unlikely neighborhoods. While I have only been a part of this ministry for 22 of those years, my family and I have seen firsthand how Jesus transforms lives and the wonderful results that can come with that. 

Recently I was talking with a pastor and I was expressing, “I want God to show up in a big way.” He said ok, God does something big and then what? I emphatically said, “Well I want Him to show up in a big way again!” While God does not always work in large and dramatic ways I do get a sense that in this next era that World Impact is entering there is tremendous potential for God to move in mighty ways.

There will be immense population growth in our metropolitan areas in coming years. As World Impact focuses on these areas and empowers leaders to reach their cities, we have the potential to reach more people for Christ. We can make such large impacts for God’s Kingdom that it will dwarf all of the wonderful things that we have already accomplished! 

Please pray for the Northeast region. This area has some of the biggest challenges and opportunities in the entire country. Pray that the Lord will show up in a big way and connect me with the right ministry leaders, ministry programs, and partnerships so we reach further than we realize and use the unity we have in Christ to bring peace and hope to broken places in our cities. Please pray also for myself and my family that the Lord will continue to provide, protect, and guide us. 

In His Service, 

The Raughleys


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