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Real Fruit

Real Fruit

For me personally, this men’s retreat was the best one I have ever attended. The small group discussions we had between each session set the stage for the grand finale, which happened Sunday morning just before everyone departed and went their separate ways.

Sunday morning was a testimony time when men truly had an opportunity to share how the Holy Spirit moved and impacted their lives through that weekend. For me, this was a time to listen and see the fruit of this conference. When David Estrada provided an opportunity for these men to share, he did not have to prompt or force them to come up, they were eager, excited and willing to share their heart. For over 30 minutes, one person after another would come up.

Some men said they did not want to attend this conference but once they arrived, their whole attitude changed. Others communicated how important it is to not turn back to their familiar past but to stay the course in Christ, committed to the Lord’s ways and not their own. I was so blessed and encouraged to be a part of this group of men.

Not only did we listen to testimonies but we walked away with a follow-up plan. One plan is to get together in March 2018 for a time of fellowship, fishing, barbeque and fish fry. One group of men wanted to continue going through the “Fight The Good Fight Of Faith” study. David and I volunteered to help train and coach the group leaders.

These conferences get my energy level up and my blood pumping. To me, this was not just another gathering, it was a productive time. There was real fruit from this conference and we need to make sure that this fruit doesn’t just sit there and rot. I believe that the Lord blessed us to be in the presence of some future Urban Church leaders. I praise the Lord for blessing me with an opportunity to be a part of it.

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