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We have been praying for you, our prayer and financial supporters, during these past months in which our lives have been upended in California. We realize that this has been to varying degrees for different families, but we hope and pray that ultimately this is drawing you into closer dependence on and greater hope in God. 

The past few months have opened different urban ministry opportunities as my husband Cuco and I have been texting and calling people in our neighborhood and maintaining communication through these means. We have been assessing the level of need while many are out of work. We are distributing any resources that have come our direction, whether those are food, financial help, or connections to local agencies that offer services. Further, Cuco and the church leadership team at Puente de Vida has been conducting weekly services online. While this is not ideal, it has opened the door for many families in our church to invite relatives who live far away (including our own in central Mexico) to participate in the worship services. We are considering continuing this aspect when we are able to reconvene in person as it has been wonderful to include our long-distance loved ones. We are also reconnecting with friends and neighbors who we have worked with in the past. We are grateful for all of these opportunities! 

In addition to the financial hardships and uncertain futures many face, we also ask for prayer for two families who have relatives in Tijuana with health issues. Both of them have pressing medical needs that are not being met due to the COVID-19 crisis. They are being turned away from hospitals and not receiving care. It is a scary time for these individuals and their families.

Along with this, please pray for the pastors with whom Cuco has started church-based seminary (TUMI) in Tijuana. Classes have been temporarily suspended due to border crossing restrictions. There are some cultural barriers for moving classes online. We appreciate your prayers for them and that they would see God move on their behalf.

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