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Revolutionizing Ministry Training

Revolutionizing Ministry Training

Together, we will see a healthy church in every community of poverty. The most effective way to have a healthy church is by empowering leaders within communities of poverty with theological education and ministry training. But there are insurmountable obstacles between these leaders and a traditional seminary education, such as full-time jobs, the demands of shepherding a local church, the high cost of education, family responsibilities, and unpredictable schedules. This is where you come in.    

Thanks to your faithful support, we were able to launch World Impact U this year! With video lectures, interactive discussions with classmates, and one-on-one coaching, World Impact U is a one-stop online educational platform that is making ministry training more accessible than ever. “[Students] can stop and start the videos, which allows us the ability to take notes… The fact that we can access it at any time for any internet service gives a lot of flexibility,” reported one student.

God is using your generosity to directly empower ministry leaders in communities of poverty, as another World Impact U attendee explains, “If I had to travel, I probably would not have attended. This is causing me to rethink everything that we are doing in our ministry as far as training.”


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