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Self Care in a Pandemic

Self Care in a Pandemic

My name is Lisa Entz and I serve as Senior Vice President of World Impact’s Team Care. Today I’m going to share some practical tips on good self care during this pandemic. Daily we see changes in our country and cities, this can be extremely disorienting and concerning. Give yourself grace during this time, as this is a new normal in life and ministry.

The following bullet points are not exhaustive—please comment with your additional ideas.

An important note before I get to the list: this ongoing pandemic can cause past traumas to resurface, traumas that we may have not dealt with fully at the time. So be aware of this in yourself as well as in others that you love or minister to. Contact someone you know and trust to help you process, and again, give yourself grace.

Practical tips for good self care:

  • Develop new patterns or rhythms, for yourself and for your family as well.
  • Get the rest you need, this is a stressful time. Get adequate sleep at night and consider a power nap during the day.
  • Throughout your day, include activities that are stress relievers...such as art work, writing, music, going for a walk, (not online shopping!) etc.
  • Set times that you stay away from the news and social media, and stick to it!
  • Give yourself space. This can be difficult if your family is suddenly home with you, 24/7 - but know that it is important, and carve out time to sit or take a walk alone.
  • Practice thankfulness. 
  • Reach out and call others to see how they are doing (supporters, friends, co-workers, partners and family). This will bless you as you care for others
  • If you have children at home, be cautious how much news and information they receive. It is better if information comes from you, you will know how to let them know what is going on without frightening them. It is also important for them to have fun during this time. Be creative and have fun with them—there are so many free digital resources that have been released lately.
  • Sit in the sun, drink plenty of water and exercise.
  • And as always, spend time with our Father and time in his Word, especially now. 

The Daily Examen has always been helpful to me, as one of my daily habits.

The Daily Examen

  • Gratitude: Recall anything from the day for which you are especially grateful, and give thanks.
  • Review: Recall the day and where you felt God's presence- and think about any areas where you accepted or turned away from any invitations to grow in love.
  • Sorrow: Recall any actions for which you are sorry.
  • Forgiveness: Ask God's forgiveness- do you need to reconcile with anyone?
  • Grace: For the next day and that you would be able to see God's presence more clearly.

Know that we at World Impact are praying for you regularly during this uncertain time. 


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