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Stadia Partners With World Impact

Stadia Partners With World Impact

We are pleased to announce a new Stadia partnership with World Impact to begin church planting movements in urban, under-resourced areas across the United States. The partnership will mobilize resources toward new churches among the urban poor that lead to thriving Christian communities.

“This partnership was formed because both organizations believe we are better together,” says Stadia’s Midwest Regional Executive Chris Brooks. “World Impact brings expertise and experience in working among the urban poor. Stadia brings expertise and experience in starting new, high-capacity, financially sustainable churches. Working together capitalizes on the best parts of each organization.”

Chris, whose personal journey has facilitated a deep passion for urban church planting, says that World Impact shares Stadia’s concern for reaching children and youth. “This partnership gives Stadia deeper involvement among the urban poor in the U.S., which directly impacts our desire for every child to have a relevant church in his or her own community.”

World Impact has been committed to evangelism, discipleship, and indigenous leadership development among the urban poor for over 40 years. As the national training arm of World Impact, The Urban Ministry Institute (TUMI) provides people in these communities seminary-level education and urban ministry skills.

World Impact President and CEO Rev. Efrem Smith believes partnering with Stadia will leverage the ministry callings many of their trained leaders are realizing toward church planting. “These leaders are in need of churches and ministry partners who will walk alongside them in that calling,” he explains.

Smith says there is a huge need for healthy, thriving and multiplying churches in urban and under-resourced communities. He says, “We can witness greater faithfulness and fruitfulness in this mission through our partnership with Stadia. Great days are ahead of us for the sake of advancing the Kingdom of God in our cities.”

Stadia Executive Director Tom Jones sees this opportunity as one answer to a big question Stadia has been asking. “Who’s Next?” says Jones. “Who are the new leaders God is raising up to start churches that can lead the current and next generations to follow Jesus, especially in hard to reach places? Teaming up with World Impact helps us invest in a whole new group of strong leaders who know their context and are passionate about unleashing God’s power within it to drastically change lives.”


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