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Standing Together

Standing Together

“Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken (Ecc. 4:12).”

One of World Impact’s initiatives is the Urban Church Associations (UCA). Our UCAs are places of fellowship, encouragement and sharing of gifts and knowledge for Kingdom-minded work.

In the Los Angeles and surrounding areas, we have started five UCAs, both in English and Spanish. We plan to start many more UCA locations in the coming years. These are groups of pastors and church leaders that meet monthly for prayer, fellowship and networking. It is a mission-focused community of churches dedicated to one another’s growth and welfare. It is a focus of identifying, equipping, and releasing called and gifted Christian leaders to plant new churches as well as investing into pastors of existing churches that will grow and multiply.

Our attitude is quickly moved into a place of awe every time we attend a UCA. We continue to be humbled when we join in with other urban ministers of the gospel for a time of worship, the word, prayer, and discipleship. When we are all together with the same mind and focus, in the presence of God, proclaiming His love in our lives, our work, and our community, the kingdom of God is being revealed. Hope is being established in the power of unity and then poured out into their place of ministry and relationships. That is why our local UCA motto is “Why stand alone when we can stand together?” UCA understands urban pastor’s inner-city context and social constructs. They understand no one should ever church plant alone. UCA sees the hard work that takes place; how the enemy does not giving up territories easily and that stress can easily entangle them. However, we know, in the bond of Jesus Christ and being in the unity of One Spirit there is victory!

We ask you to keep us in prayer for 2019 as we support and work together with our local pastors. We pray for God to release the work of revival, victory, healing, strength, compassion, restoration, and spiritual awakenings within our ministers and leaders as they pour into the great commission and great commandment in their region.

Read more about our Urban Church Associations. 


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