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Stronger Together

Stronger Together

The registration for the 2019 World Impact Women’s Retreat (English) opened online at 9:00am on February 1. Within nine minutes, all 75 available lodge beds had been reserved! Within just a few more weeks and all available spaces in cabins were reserved as well. This certainly indicates how eager and excited the women are to gather, be encouraged together, and spend time with each other and the Lord!

Over the past few years as our Ranch Team has anticipated these valuable retreats for women from the city, we have also valued seeing the many ways that God uses this retreat. Some church leaders have been empowered to plan their own retreats. The leadership for the World Impact retreat has included more women from various urban churches, providing a practical and hands-on opportunities to gain confidence and experience for leading other events like this. There are women from across the country who come each year to gain insights about how to lead as well as enjoy the camaraderie of being with other urban women.

The second Women’s Retreat (in Spanish) is now completely led by women from the churches with only minimal support and involvement from World Impact staff! What a testimony to the mission of World Impact to empower urban leaders and partner with local churches to reach their cities with the Gospel.

This year’s theme is “Stronger Together” with an emphasis on advancing God’s Kingdom and reaching the world! Each year, the retreats continue to connect with the women in ways that could not have been imagined. Their testimonies during the retreat bear this out. The following are some of the testimonies from women who attended the retreat a year ago:

  • “I felt myself well-fed: physically, spiritually, emotionally. I am in drug recovery and this became a huge part of my recovery. Praise God!”
  • “I love the fellowship and getting to know the women at my church and meet women like us from different churches. Thank you!”
  • “This retreat has reminded me how fierce God is in His love for His women. We are made in God’s image. We are a part of God’s heart. Jesus truly loves us. The world belittles us, but our Lord empowers us to stand firm on this foundation that never falters and trust in Him. We are to be in God’s Word and live out God’s Word!”

What a joy to see how God is using a weekend like this to advance His Kingdom, strengthen His church, and draw women to Himself. Join with the Ranch Team in praying for the details as we prepare to serve these women on April 12-14 (English) and May 3-5 (Spanish), for God to guide the leaders with the last-minute coordination, and that each woman will be ready and responsive for what God has for her during this weekend!

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