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Supporters Make a Way

Supporters Make a Way

In 1986, my wife Lisa and I and our two small children came on staff with World Impact as missionaries.  We uprooted from our small little house in the country and moved into another small little house in the north east part of Wichita – a neighborhood where we fell in love with the people of that community. The house had no air conditioning and some of the windows could not be opened. We moved into the neighborhood in the middle of June and by July, our little house was quite hot. It was so hot, that our youngest child, Dana, was developing a bad heat rash. It was at that point that one of our local board members, John Arnold, came to visit us and saw the condition of the house. Without too much delay, he bought us a window air conditioner and we found instant relief. He also purchased an AC unit for the men’s staff home.

Fast forward another 30 years, and we once again found ourselves in a position of needing air conditioning help for the upstairs of our house. Out of the blue, one of our good friends and supporters, Victor and Krista Peterson, called to say they were bringing something by for us. It was a window unit for our upstairs bedroom. 

We are humbled and grateful for the generosity and prayers of our friends and supporters. Without them, we do not know how we could have it made it in ministry all these years. In our 38 years of urban ministry, the Lord has always provided for our needs. This is not by coincidence. We know the Lord hears our prayers, but He also hears the prayers of those interceding for us – not just for our financial needs, but for our Christian ministry, for our safety, for our children and grandchildren. It is the Lord who goes before us, and He uses the generosity and prayers of our dear friends and supporters to make a way, especially in times when we see no way possible in our own eyes. 

So, this month, we want to express our immense gratitude and thankfulness for our donors, supporters and friends for their prayers and sacrificial giving. May God bless and keep you for who you are and what you do for God’s Kingdom advancement!

July is our month of gratitude! As a thank you to our supporters, please check out our 30-day devotional City Prayers Volume 2.

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