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The Lord is my Shepherd

The Lord is my Shepherd

Though I don’t have a permanent class to teach, these students make up the “class” I see this year. Their grades range from kindergarten to seventh grade. At Los Angeles Christian School, we have the freedom to step aside some of the red tape that slows the public school intervention process down to a snail’s pace. When a teacher is concerned about a student’s progress we can intervene quickly, supporting the teacher, student and family. The mother of a first grader told me she came to our school after she realized he would be in a first grade class with 31 students and no teacher’s assistant. She knew her quiet, gentle boy would get lost. She was right and we are now able to give him the extra attention he needs. Along with this, our faith adds a crucial element as we bring the love of God into the process offering encouragement and hope. 

Teaching these students becomes an adventure as I participate with God’s creative ways and infinite wisdom on how He has made each one of them and knows how and what they need to learn. I know my knowledge is limited, but His understanding is limitless, and that gives me confidence. 

For many of them, they come burdened with the stress of life that comes from their fast paced lives living in the noisy, crowded chaos of the city. Trauma, stress, noise outside and often inside their homes makes it hard for them to take in all that is required of them in school. A big part of our time together is learning how to slow our bodies by taking deep breaths and repeating deep truths about how much God is with them, loves them and is able to help. Some of this has come out of my own personal practice, and has actually lowered my blood pressure! One of the seventh grade boys said he felt anxious during a test and remembered to take deep breaths and repeat, “The Lord is my shepherd, I have everything I need.” He said it calmed him down and he could finish the test which he passed! That was a victory for all of us! 

Because our school is small, our students are easily seen. That is a good thing, as God sees each one of us and knows us each by name. We are the sheep of his pasture and He is a good, good shepherd. When I can’t see the good I am doing with these precious lambs, this truth gives me confidence. He knows. He understands. He has a way. 

May God bless you with those you encounter daily inside and outside your homes. We all need to take into practice being still and knowing He is God; we don’t have to be. Thank you for your constant love for me through your prayers, notes and financial support. I think of you often and pray God’s protection and care over you.

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