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The Lord’s Provision

The Lord’s Provision

In June we had our last King's Kids for this school year. The Lord blessed us with warm, sunny weather and we were able to have a great time at Round Valley State Park where the kids played in the water all day. What a joy to see them having so much fun and enjoying one another! In my heart I was praising the Lord for His faithfulness! A year ago I was not even sure we would be able to have King's Kids this year and was crying out to the Lord for His will, His strength and the provision of a co-worker. In late August, the Lord provided Rachel to be the co-worker and so perfectly provided His strength and wisdom for the challenges we faced! It is so true that He gives us all we need to do whatever He asks us to do!

We also had three more boys pray to put their trust in Christ—Yosmar, Gabriel and Jaivon. One of those boys had been very angry in the fall and I wasn't sure we would be able to keep letting him come. Then one day there was a situation and I had to speak with him and several other boys after the program. He opened up then about how he had not seen his dad since he was a baby and cries almost every night because he wants so much to see him. He also shared how he had been with his uncle when his uncle was shot to death and he feared more of his family would be killed. After opening up like this his heart began to soften and he started being attentive during the Bible lessons. God was working in his heart and finally he was ready to make this commitment to Christ!

Praise God along with us for His perfect provision for King's Kids this past year and pray for His clear direction and provision in starting up again in September! Also pray for these three boys and all those who made a commitment to Christ this past year in King's Kids to truly let this commitment take root and to be nurtured in their walk with Him!

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