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Transforming a Community Together

Transforming a Community Together

After a bullet came through the window of Good Samaritan Church on Avon Avenue in Newark, the pastor gave me a challenge to do something to change our community. Then God gave me a vision to shut down the violence on Avon Avenue just for one day. Within a month, that powerful vision came into fruition through an event called The Power of One Unity Day Festival. We have put on the festival for three years now.

Men and women of God, community activists and city officials speak to and inspire crowds of over 4,000. Vendors provide food, merchandise and services. On the main stage singers, dancers, ministers and political leaders fill the airwaves with words of truth, encouragement and worship to God. Healing and transformation takes place with a God-inspired phenomenon as pastors and ministers of over 10 denominations gather around a 10-foot wooden cross.

The Power Of One 3C Foundation was created to establish a relationship between the church, community and city. Their goal is to develop a platform where parishioners and neighbors can volunteer time and donate money toward projects that will assist in the redevelopment of their local community. This also promotes fellowship among the local churches to become one body.

We believe that when everyone within a community works together, we can address problems and deliver outcomes that are not easily or effectively achieved by working alone. Unity is central to the way we work, deliver services and produce innovations. We also believe that collaborative relationships work best for the community. With the combination of effort and expertise, it will produce benefits greater than those achieved by working alone.

Partnering with World Impact as an Associate has enabled us to spend more time in the community, as well as taken a portion of the financial burden significantly. Last year an evangelism team from World Impact trained members from various churches and ministries to go out into the community and effectively witness the word of God to the lost. With their unyielding commitment to the Kingdom-building initiative, World Impact has agreed to partner with The Power of One Annual Unity Day Festival. They assist in training, provide financial support, host meetings and bulk up our volunteer list. As Jesus taught His Disciples to go out two-by-two, we have been blessed to have World Impact by our side as we partner to transform Newark by spreading the Word of God through Evangelism.

Marvin Cratch is the Executive Director of The Power Of One UNITY DAY Festival at Avon Avenue in Newark, NJ. Marvin and other World Impact Associates are featured in this month's Bulletin.


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