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Unexpected Blessing

Unexpected Blessing

In 1992 our family transferred to World Impact’s ministry in Los Angeles. Our kids were young, and it was a huge move. We were moving from one missionary home in Wichita to another in Los Angeles, and our new home did not have a refrigerator. Our refrigerator at the time needed to stay in the home we were leaving. This put my husband Andy and I in a tight spot—our funds were limited and we knew we could not afford to purchase a new one. 

But we knew we could ask the Lord to provide. We’ve always had wonderful supporting churches, so we put the word out, asking if anyone had a refrigerator they were no longer using that we could take with us to LA. The next day we received a call from one of our prayer supporters. It was a couple with a young family like us who learned about our need. They had heard stories of missionaries always receiving second best and they did not want this for us. They offered to purchase a brand-new refrigerator for our family to take along to LA. We were completely surprised and humbled by their generosity. This would be a sacrifice for their family, but they were willing to bless us like that anyway. To that date I had never had a new appliance. We still have that refrigerator—it is 27 years old and still runs well!

This is only one example of how generous our supporters have been over the years. I have experienced so many instances of open-handed blessings from our partners. We are so thankful for their generosity but even more so for their faithful prayer support over the years.

July is our month of gratitude! As a thank you to our supporters, please check out our 30-day devotional City Prayers.

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August 12, 2019 | Clarke and Rita Holtsberry

I love to hear or read of God’s faithfulness to His children.  We have had so many of those experiences where we felt that the Lord was saying “I’ve got this under control.  I’ll take care of you.”  What a boost to our faith when He provides in the usual and unusual ways.

We do pray for you as you come up on our prayer list.  We pray that you are closer, at least, to your support goal.

Every blessing in Christ Jesus.

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