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Unimaginable Hope

Unimaginable Hope

Jesus is alive! We don't have to look far to find evidence of His resurrection power. We think of 14-year-old Melissa* who was given the choice between the consequence of losing her phone for a week or not going to church—she chose to lose her phone and to apologize to her parents. Or the newest trafficking outreach team who met Brandi* when she saw our table labeled “Prayer Here.” She shared how she was desperate and feeling all alone. She had been asking God for direction when she saw our table. Our team listened and prayed with her about the many challenges facing her and her family. She left with hope—the unexplainable, unimaginable hope that is ours now because His life is real!

We are encouraged by new opportunities. This month two Work Life classes will begin. This Biblically-integrated job-training program is aimed at walking alongside folks who are chronically jobless or have never had the opportunity to learn work skills. Through a collaborative approach with five churches and organizations, we will look at our brokenness and the world’s brokenness with the goal of turning to Jesus who has the power to heal and mend the deepest grief and hurt.

The second class will be walking with survivors of human trafficking using our thrift store as a means for them to realize their God-given talents and abilities, using them in creative new ways, ways the enemy and their trafficker told them would never be possible. But we serve a God who does the impossible! Please join us in praying that individuals will come to know Jesus as they learn new job skills and get connected to one of the church fellowships that are participating.

We celebrated with Jasmine*, a mom and community leader who, after years of applications, lawyers, and money spent, received her residency card. We have prayed and walked along this process with her including the many twists and turns that are part of our current immigration system. One of the many pieces of paperwork she had filed failed to be mailed by the lawyer's office. She lived several months without a current ID knowing it could mean deportation if she were stopped. She had cried out to the Lord on many occasions asking Him to guide her footsteps. This particular day, she heard ICE was performing employment checks in our area; she prayed again, "Jesus, show me what to do...just give me a little light on this path." The next day the lawyer called to tell her the good news: her residency card was in! She texted me with tears of joy: "I am praising God, Kim! My residency card is here!"

We stand in such complete gratitude for the gift it is to be here in this place seeing His power poured out! We join you in testifying, "He is alive!" Thank you for your partnership in the gospel!

*Names changed for privacy.

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