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We Thank God For You

We Thank God For You

Thank you for your continued gifts and prayers for the mission of World Impact. God is using your gift to transform communities all over the world through the gospel of Jesus Christ. This work would not happen without you!

One of the people you helped is Maurice. Here is his story:

“God, if you’re real, prove it to me now,” prayed Maurice. He was a Muslim convert who had wandered into a Baptist Student center on his college campus for prayer. “God filled me with a peace and joy that I did not think a human could experience.”

Since then, Maurice has spent years travelling all over sub-Saharan Africa sharing the gospel and a vision for empowered church leadership. 

Most church leaders in Kenya have little to no training. Many have multiple jobs and are on tight budgets.

On one Sunday Maurice traveled to a rural area where he preached passionately about the importance of training up ministers.

 The pastor of that church, Joel, pulled Maurice aside, “We've been wanting to start a Bible college, but we don't know how to do it. Can you help us?” Joel then brought out a stack of World Impact’s Church-Based Seminary curriculum. Some friends who were missionaries from California had bought the books for him.

With just that stack of books, Maurice and Joel established a Bible college, which is still operating today and has trained hundreds of church planters thanks to you!

Your gift also empowered Maurice to travel to other schools and train leaders from all over Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. These men and women are the hands and feet of church-planting movements all over East Africa and can do this work thanks to you and your generosity!

Your gifts to World Impact make it possible to provide the support these leaders need to see their ministry thrive without having to worry about the cost. I thank God for you! 


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