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Wolyn February Prayer Letter

Wolyn February Prayer Letter

Dear Friends & Family,

What a fruitful season we’ve had! We continue to train up people in our church to take on more leadership – in the last few months we’ve put in place a youth leadership team, a children’s ministry leader, a men’s ministry leader and enlisted at least 10 new volunteers for other ministries. We also had 14 women attend a powerful, our first, Women’s Retreat. As our church matures and develops structure we continue to be a church out and about in the community. We joined forces with an African American church in the neighborhood and had a great “Church at the Park” Sunday, which is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to breaking down the black/brown division in our community and even addressing some of the gang violence issues. We can’t wait to do more together in the Spring.

Also, our Church Planting School (Evangel) went great in October where we were able to train and commission 6 new church plant teams to work on establishing churches this year. The passion for the lost that the leaders share as we work through details and strategy of their church plant plan are so encouraging and inspiring. We are committed to coaching and encouraging these teams for at least their first 12 months.

As we move towards the new year please be in prayer for all the pieces to come together for the discipleship home we are working on opening up next door to our church for men who are coming out of prison. We are partnering with Prison Fellowship and The Urban Ministry Institute to provide life and ministry training through our church for returning citizens.

The power of a gift was highlighted recently when we were visiting one of our community groups. Mateo was struggling to find a passage in his "new" Bible. Mateo is a newer believer coming from a rough past. While it was hard for him to find the verse he wanted, when he did he shared with a passion about what God had spoken to Him through this passage earlier in the day during his devotions. Everyone was moved. Then Mateo’s girlfriend spoke up saying, “I thank Luis for buying this Bible for Mateo. The first time he came to church Luis bought it for him as a welcome gift and for a long time it just sat on his dresser collecting dust, but now this Bible is bringing Mateo the truth of God he needs to change. He didn’t take God seriously, but now he is.” Mateo is enrolled in our year-long intern program along with his $5 Bible and is growing daily. This is the power of a gift. This is the power of the Word. This is the power of obedience and a heart to help. Thank you for being the prayer, the financial gift, the encouraging word and the friend that helps us be able to be part of seeing lives changed.

Thank you for being on mission with us as we continue to transform communities together. Our family wishes you the best Christmas ever – may that peace that passes all understanding truly be yours.

Chad, Fabiola, Rebecca (13), Justice (11) and Beniah (4) Wolyn


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