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Worship Leader Reflections

Worship Leader Reflections

It was an honor to serve as the worship leader at the West Coast SIAFU Women’s Retreat and to lead the women into a place of worship and submission unto the Lord. Many of the women said “Yes!” to God’s calling on their lives and yielded to Jesus in ways that will produce much fruit in their families, churches, and communities. “Worship” in the Greek language (“proskuneo”) literally means to “lay prostrate” or “prostrating oneself” (in humble submission before God). Worship is the reverent love, devotion, honor, and adoration given to someone or something. From the stage at The Oaks Camp and Conference Center, I could participate in true worship with my sisters in the Lord.

One of my goals at the retreat was to challenge the women to believe that although true worship certainly ought to take place when believers gather together, it should not stop or diminish when we go our separate ways. We should worship the Lord in everything we do, even down to the most basic actions of daily life. The women at the West Coast retreat represent cities all over California and these annual retreats create a unique experience for us to gather as sisters to be encouraged and taught, but then we leave the mountain and go back to our churches, communities and families across the state!

When the women came together to worship (through music, dance, and the waving of flags), so much freedom, joy, and unity were experienced. It is my prayer that this unashamed worship will continue in their lives and every day will offer a new opportunity to “Exalt the Lord our God and worship at His footstool; He is holy" (Psalm 99:5).

Pastor Rici Skei and her husband Phil co-pastor On Ramps Covenant Church in Fresno, CA. Rici’s mission is to prepare the way for the Lord and bring reconciliation to the body of Christ through musical worship and the spoken Word. She is mom to two beautiful daughters and is currently pursuing her master’s degree from North Park Theological Seminary.

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December 31, 2017 | Brandi Washington

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