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COVID-19 Response: Urban Church Relief Grants

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Your Lasting Impact

Your Lasting Impact

When Carlos, a self-proclaimed working meth addict, first met Pastor Lee no one could have foreseen the plans God had for him. Pastor Lee invited him to be part of a new church he was starting. Carlos was skeptical but curious. He attended a few times and when he was absent, the Pastor would pause the service and go get him before resuming. 

Carlos thought that God would want nothing to do with him because of the reckless life he lived, but the reckless love of God was stronger than his doubts and fears. Carlos gave his life to Christ and started on a new trajectory. Pastor Lee discipled Carlos for several years.

The time came that Pastor Lee would be leaving to enter into foreign missions, and he wanted Carlos to take over pastoring the church. For the next year, Pastor Lee continued to meet with Carlos and give him on-the-job training for his new position. By God’s grace, Carlos was a quick study.

Once Pastor Lee transitioned into the mission field, World Impact missionaries Rick Browatzke and Doug Neufeld joined the process of supporting Carlos. They introduced him to The Urban Ministry Institute of Fresno (TUMI) where Carlos received theological training and graduated in 2007. 

Carlos and his wife Michelle saved their money to buy a home in the neighborhood of their church. They were able to move their meeting space from an open carport to a room set aside in their home as a house church. Through their witness, 75 family members and friends have become believers.

Every year their church hosts an outreach where Carlos boldly and confidently proclaims the Gospel. He shares his story and testifies: “If God can change me, he can change anyone.” 

Recently Carlos began leading the local Urban Church Association to foster fellowship and partnership with other local churches. He bought a used travel trailer and is in the process of converting it into several portable showers to meet a need for the homeless. No doubt, he will also share the Gospel that has changed his life forever.

Would you consider joining us in empowering urban leaders? As you can see, your gifts continue to have an impact today! Your support has helped transform communities with the hope of the Gospel.


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