Thank you for helping women like Kelly find healing

Recently, we shared how your gift made a difference for Leah, who overcame obstacles in her past and began ministering to women and children experiencing homelessness.  

Leah’s experience with interacting with people made her realize one common denominator: trauma is debilitating. Kelly’s pain stood out among all the other residents she worked with.  

Kelly had her guard up. She was disagreeable and didn’t want to submit to the rules of her temporary home. They even found empty alcohol containers in her room. Whenever Leah would try to connect with her, she would be met with yelling, cursing, and threats. 

Because of their temporary homelessness and exposure to the elements, one of Kelly’s sons became ill. This reminded Leah of the time she was hospitalized by herself for a month with pneumonia. Her mom had to be with her siblings, so Leah relied on the nurses to nurture her. 

Leah was steadfast in caring for Kelly and her sons. She knew Kelly was in pain. Kelly was trying to protect herself from being hurt and let down again. After some digging, Leah learned that Kelly was estranged from her family. 

Thanks to you, Leah’s team began facilitating healing groups at the housing unit and invited Kelly several times. Their unwavering care for her convinced Kelly that they truly cared despite Kelly’s pushing them away. They gave Kelly room to grieve. Kelly began attending healing groups which was a huge step for her. She reestablished contact with her mom and is addressing the trauma she has experienced in her life!  

Consider all the events that God orchestrated for Leah and Kelly to meet. Consider the years that God was preparing Leah to be a beacon of hope for Kelly. Consider the positive effect this is having on her sons by breaking this cycle of trauma. Leah has comforted Kelly with the same comfort she has received.  

Because of your support, leaders like Leah received the essential training and affordable resources they needed to share the mercy and grace of Jesus with people like Kelly.