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For any questions or comments, please fill out the secure form below or scroll down to contact a specific ministry location. We will be in touch as quickly as possible!

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World Impact Inc.
National Office

2001 S. Vermont Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90007

Phone: 323-735-1137

Fax: 323-735-2576

Ministry Locations

Dallas, Texas

PO Box 572062
Dallas, TX 75357

Phone: 214-426-0044

Fax: 214-426-0070

Director: David Estrada

Fresno, California

1955 Broadway St.
Fresno, CA 93721

Phone: 559-442-0867

Fax: 559-442-0877

Regional Vice President: Rev. Peter Watts

Los Angeles, California

2001 S. Vermont St.
Los Angeles, CA 90007

Phone: 323-735-3400

Fax: 323-735-2576

Director: Cedric Nelms

Morning Star Ranch

1176 Banner Road
Florence, KS 66851

Phone: 620-274-4465

Director: Dan Smith

Newark, New Jersey

275 Sussex Ave.
Newark, NJ 07107

Phone: 973-483-3833

Fax: 973-483-5525

Ministry Developer: Luke Raughley

San Diego, California

1047 S. 39th St.
San Diego, CA 92113

Phone: 619-263-3536

Fax: 619-266-4838

Director: Rich Esselstrom

San Francisco, California

107 Sagamore St.
San Francisco, CA 94112

Phone: 415-469-7494

Fax: 415-469-7395

Regional Vice President: Rev. Peter Watts

St. Louis, Missouri

P.O. Box 22101
St. Louis, MO 63116

Phone: 314-560-5383

Directors: Andrew and Adria Medlen

The Bay Area, California

1017 Campbell St.
Oakland, CA 94607

Phone: 510-763-0352

Fax: 510-663-4664

Regional Vice President: Rev. Peter Watts

The Oaks Camp

18651 Pine Canyon Rd.
Lake Hughes, CA 93532

Phone: 661-724-1018

Fax: 661-438-0263

Camp Director: Paul Meitler

Wichita, Kansas

3701 E. 13th St. N. Suite 300

Wichita, KS 67208

Phone: 316-201-1430

Regional Director of Ministry: Ted Smith

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  • World Impact, Inc.
  • 2001 S. Vermont Ave
  • Los Angeles, CA 90007
  • 323-735-1137
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