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Introducing Cornerstone Curriculum!

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Cornerstone Curriculum

Bible Training for Pastors and Ministry Leaders

Cornerstone Curriculum

We’re taking ivory tower content to the streets, making it affordable, accessible, and relevant for those ministering in the city.

Cornerstone is a training course crafted for church and ministry leaders who don’t have much time or money to spare. Now every eager Christian can build a sound biblical foundation for real-life ministry in only six months!

Designed to Meet Real Needs

  • Available in English and Spanish.

  • Study online through World Impact U.

  • Can be completed in as little as six months.

  • Includes two modules along with Redemptive Poverty Work by Dr. Alvin Sanders.

  • Designed to tackle the barriers of time and money to efficiently train pastors and ministry leaders in foundational theology.

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Designed to Meet Real Needs


“I took what I was learning in my classes and immediately shared it on Skid Row.”

– Jennifer Chou, Church Planter
Los Angeles, CA


“This is like a seminary education at a ‘hood price.”

– Rev. Ray Jenkins, Pastor
Dallas, TX

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