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Associates Program

Ministry Partnerships

All over the United States, World Impact is partnering with urban ministers by providing the resources and encouragement they need. We have World Impact Associates around the country serving as agents who accelerate community transformation.

We are actively looking for experienced urban ministers who have our DNA. This means they believe like we do in empowering the urban poor through the local church. They also have a desire to accelerate one of our initiatives.  

The Associates Program allows urban ministry leaders like you to focus on your role in the church and the community. We want to come alongside you as cheerleaders, mentors, and encouragers. You may be bi-vocational and a small stipend might allow you more time to minister.

“As an Associate with World Impact I have not only been able to share great resources with other pastors who work in similar neighborhoods, but as a bi-vocational church planter, the resources have served me greatly. I use the materials provided as tools in the discipleship and leadership development of my growing congregation. The Associate program has also connected me to a broader community that I didn’t have before. The World Impact team has been a great support to me and my family as we serve our community and move toward planting a church.” -Pastor Darryl Answer, Kansas City

To learn more about becoming a World Impact Associate, contact us here.

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